Friday, July 28, 2017

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Gilchrist Campaign Announces $100,000 fundraising mark 

Detroit -  “Garlin Gilchrist II brings the qualifications needed to modernize the clerk’s office and resolve its many organizational and technical problems,” stated the Detroit News in their Friday endorsement of Gilchrist for City Clerk in the August 8 primary.

Citing “national embarrassment” in the handling of Detroit’s 2016 election, and avoiding continued “incompetence” in the clerk’s office that threatens to render Detroit’s vote “meaningless,” the newspaper’s endorsement recognized Gilchrist’s solid IT education, experience and accomplishments.

“Gilchrist has done well in his current position, developing methods to make it easier to report and repair broken fire hydrants, as well as other issues facing citizens, and improving access to information about city services,” the endorsement continued. Garlin Gilchrist is on leave of absence as Detroit’s director of innovation and emerging technology.

The News’ also cited Gilchrist’s work on Barak Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, voter registration efforts at, and his pledge to issue voter registration cards along with every high school diploma earned in Detroit.

“I am pleased and grateful for this important endorsement from the Detroit News,” Gilchrist stated, adding, “I am deeply committed to ensuring that Detroit’s voters and their votes will be handled in a competent and efficient manner, with the technology of the 21st century. The city clerk's office can and must serve our residents as a portal for information from the city that can improve their lives and their communities.”

The Garlin Gilchrist II for City Clerk campaign also announced today that $100,000 has been raised through hundreds of individual contributions. “This generous and significant response to our message of competence, integrity, and commitment to the residents and their communities will help us in conducting a winning campaign to bring new leadership and new ideas to the city clerk’s office,“ Gilchrist said.

In addition, the campaign also stated that results of an election survey conducted July 6-9, 2017 by Lake Research Partners indicates that Garlin Gilchrist is in a virtual tie for second place with Heaster Wheeler at 8% and 9% for Gilchrist, with incumbent Janice Winfrey at 30%. The polls showed that 43% of voters are still “undecided.” The top two candidates will advance to the November election.

For more information, contact Garlin Gilchrist II for City Clerk campaign manager, Al Williams, at 313-420-9345 or


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